How to start using RingRTC?

Follow these five easy steps:

1. Create an account using our web registration form. After that you will receive a confirmation email with activation link. You need to click on the link to activate your account.

2. Install the mobile app. Go here using your device or search for RingRTC on the app store and install the application.

3. Open the mobile app and enter your username and password. If everything is correct, you should see that the mobile application is connected to the service. Make sure your smartphone has internet connectivity during steps (4) and (5).

4. Login to the website.

5. Wait for the status icon located at the top left corner to turn green indicating that your phone and web browser have successfully connected. After this RingRTC will synchronize your mobile contacts, messages and call history so that you can access them from the web application.

Enjoy using RingRTC!

Why RingRTC is incompatible with my device?

RingRTC uses WebRTC which is a modern, safe and emerging technology which is still not widely adopted. This is the reason RingRTC is supported mostly on new devices, running Android 4.0 or above.

How can I change my password?

Just go to this page and follow instructions or do with directly from the web application.

Do I need to install anything additional on my PC?

RingRTC is online web application and does not require you to install any additional software other than the browser on the PC.

What to do if the browser hangs or is not responding?

Try to reaload the web application or even restart the browser. If this doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to contact us using email, phone or the web form located in the web application.

How to get more help?

If you have an idea of a new feature, or you want to report a bug, you can write us in our Feedback or send us an Email at