Web based phone assistant for sales professionals.

Boost your sales and productivity in the office.

RingRTC helps you save time by providing you with easy to use web interface to manage your phone calls, text messages and address book. By taking advantage of the PC screen and keyboard, you can quickly send text messages, look up contact details and initiate phone calls directly from the browser.
Do you sometimes forget what that last phone conversation was about? Will it help, if you had the complete call and SMS history for each call automatically displayed along with your call notes? RingRTC displays all this information automatically for each call, so you have all neceserrily details to make that sale or serve your customer the best way possible.
Using RingRTC allows you to focus on your business and clients by removing frustration and making your phone communication faster and more efficient. The time saver and productivity features have an indirect impact on your sales and profits.

How can RingRTC benefit you?

Save time

Use your PC screen and keyboard to quickly send text messages or edit contacts details.

Take call notes

Never forget your conversation details. Use the call note function to keep track of your calls. RingRTC will show them automatically when you receive or start a call, so that you have a context of your complete call history.


Do more things with your phone. You can send a text or modify contact information during a phone call.

Remote control your phone from the PC

Use the web application to control your phone remotely over the internet.

Download RingRTC for your Android device